Cricut Vs Silhouette – Which Is The Better Cutter?

Are you currently looking for a cutting machine? If you are, you are probably aware of two of the best companies that produce them. This would include Cricut vs Silhouette. These machines are very helpful, allowing you to cut things very quickly, but each of them is going to have both benefits and drawbacks. Sometimes you are thinking about finding a cutting machine that is fast, whereas others are going to be a little more accurate. Let’s discuss the differences between the two and finally help you choose one that’s going to be the best.

What Do Cutting Machines Do?

These machines are designed to cut several different types of material. It could be paper, metal, fabric, vinyl, or many other substances. You will have to purchase cutting dies separately in most cases for each type of material that you are going to be cutting. These can be obtained in many different sizes, shapes and designs. Once you are accustomed to using these machines, it will be very easy to create the different projects you are trying to complete

How Much Do These Machines Cost?

When purchasing these cutting machines, you are going to pay several hundred dollars for each one. For example, if you decide to get a Cricut Maker, or Cricut Explore Air 2, these will be right around $300. On the other hand, if you get a Silhouette Cameo or one of the other models, you will never pay more than $250 in most cases. Logic may dictate that the more expensive model will be the best choice, but that may not be the case. In this overview, we will discuss which ones are much more efficient, and also which machines are the most reliable.

Slhouette Cutting Machines

Although these are very efficient, one thing you will notice with some of them is that you may end up with what are called project fails. You may insert the material, and depending upon how thick it is, you could end up losing a lot of money. Part of that has to do with glitches in the computer program that is operating the system. However, some people have only had a few problems every now and then. This is common with many cutting machines. It just depends on the type of material you are using and how often you are going to be using it.

Cricut Cutting Machines

These are very similar in size and cost. They are going to be able to handle many different types of material. It’s not just vinyl that these machines can cut. For example, you can cut foam, cork, leather, chipboard, and even magnetic sheets. Aluminum is another very popular material that you may end up cutting. It just depends on the project you are working on. This type of machine is also going to have certain materials that will not work as well.

Which One Has Fewer Failures?

The machine that has fewer failures is always going to be the Cricut cutting machine. There are usually only two materials that it may have problems with. This would include foam and cork. It will allow you to load almost all of the materials that have been mentioned without any problems at all. When compared to the Silhouette machines, cork seems to be the only material that did not have any problems. All of the others had failures, so keep that in mind as you are looking for a cutting machine that you would like to use.

Now that you know that one of them is much more reliable, you should consider investing your money in the one that will work the best. Although there may be other Silhouette machines that may come out in the future that will be much more reliable, you’re better off at this point in time with a cutting machine from Cricut. The Cricut Explore Air 2 and to Explore are excellent choices if you are looking for something that is reliable and inexpensive. If you want to save money when cutting your materials, then you really need to consider using this one above all of the others. By spending a little extra money, such as on a product from Cricut, you will likely be making the best investment.